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Honda cbr 1000f 1989 specs

Honda cbr 1000f 1989 specs

It was one of the first fully faired cc road going sports tourers from Honda to be brought to the UK and it was polarising as far as opinions about its looks went.

People either thought it was from the future, to be riden by some kind of intergalactic space corps, or they just thought Honda had lost its mind. Ride The bike was one of the best handling super bikes out there at the time. Riding it now though, it seems a bit damp.

Its frame and durability could only have come with 21st century materials and manufacturing technology. The nu-leather covering is perforated to carry stretching and allowing for a customized fit. The biomechanics dial allows for the width separation of the data to be synchronized and held in place.

While it still can cut corners like a sword through cake and look just as amazing doing it, bike tech has come a long way and the more recent bikes make this one seem dull. It is also a tourer, meaning, long rides are not uncomfortable. The suspension, however, is a bit mushy and cannot be adjusted to suit your style, a bit of downer there.

The front forks are also not really adjustable, so what you see is what you get.

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The issue with them is that they get a little out of hand when pushing the bike at near its top speed. While this adds to its touring capabilities, it gets too dull, almost unclear and confusing when at high speeds. The bike seems to want to be too much of both worlds and comes up short as a sports bike while being a tourer with no luggage space. While it seems like an average bike, you need to know that this bike is nearly 30 years old and when it first hit the markets, it was a revelation.

HONDA CBR 1000F обзор и отзыв обладателя

It put out bhp with 66 lb-ft of torque through a 6 speed gearbox. Article source, it topped out at mph, a top speed that even cc classes can easily trump.

The engine was fairly smooth below rpm, thanks mainly to a balancer shaft. Overall, the engine is not much to write home about. There was a dreaded cam chain tensioner issue which is very unlike Honda, which they did fix in later models of the bike and there was also a quick recall. It not feeling fast and the kind of spaced out pick up of speed is what made it a bit of a downer.

The speed suddenly gets you instead of racing your pulse as soon as you twist the throttle like you would expect from a super bike. In true Honda fashion, the bike is built exceptionally well. You are sure to be able to get to almost 80, to 90, easily, without any engine wear. The bike is really built well, with the fit and finish showing high quality materials, and careful design in every square inch.

The chassis is solid and wear is slow and as expected, so it made, and still makes for a great tourer.

Honda cbr 1000f 1989 specs

If you want one, look for an example that is below or close to 90, miles for the best value. The bike is big and long, bikes were big, long, and heavy back in the day.

Honda cbr 1000f 1989 specs

It makes for a lot of space and comfort even with a pillion. The bike is well proportioned as well, making it comfortable for the pillion rider. The seating is low, so it makes for a nice stance over the bike.

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Accessories Like most tourers, you could add a lot of accessories and add here to the bike to make it roomier and more practical.

The stock accessories are not painfully basic as well. The dashboard is fairly comprehensive, with the dials, switches, and lights properly proportioned and working as they should. They feel durable and well finished.

The verdict It is an icon of the Honda stables, but it was not without its faults. The thing with a bike like this though, is that once you get used to it, all the little annoyances will just magically disappear. Owners of the CBRF are fiercely loyal to it. It is one of the original superbikes and while it has not aged all that well, is still nostalgia heavy and you are likely to fall in love with it, not despite its faults, but because of its faults!

The Honda CBRF Hurricane is a sport touring motorcycle, part of the CBR series The model also had its power slightly increased, and it gained weight. In, the bike's looks were overhauled with a more streamlined and. The Hurricane Saloon, Review on the Honda CBRF, based upon my The year saw modifications made to the model's cam chain. The CBRF has stood the test of time much better than its more focused rivals​, Nothing too fancy going on here, a hunk of a water cooled engine beats away under acres of bodywork. CBRFK is launched. The CBRF actually launched in and originally followed the Honda “​Hurricane” naming convention. A redesign came in with improved bodywork.