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Ferrari f430 quarter mile 2002

Ferrari f430 quarter mile 2002

And clearly this new F holds true to that rule. With nearly 90 horsepower more than the Modena, the F screams ultra high performance even at a standstill.

But driving it is the real dream. An almost all-new evolution of the Modena, the mid-engine F is built on a stiffer aluminum space frame chassis with a tight From the aggressive shark-nose front, complete with enlarged air intakes and center spoiler, to the high-set rear fender scoops and massive rear diffuser, this is clearly a car designed to work with the air rather than against it.

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And its sole motivation is a beautiful 4. Punch the gas pedal, and the rockets to 60 in only 3.

Power hits hard from less than 3, rpm, and pulls like a space shuttle booster all the way to the 8, rpm redline. Full throttle shifts are sharp and firm, while downshifts are silky smooth with a perfect blip of the throttle.

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The prancing horse has always excelled in the corners, and the F is well equipped with its computer augmented A-arm suspension. Turn into any corner, and the variable-rate power rack-and-pinion steering responds with go-kart quickness.

The 6 speed transmission makes for a very smooth ride. The car has a very good feel to it from dropping the front hood to dropping the support lid. The rear camera gives a large picture day and night but frequently gets dirty since I live on a dirt road.

The front end feels a bit nervous until the tires warm up, but then the combination of hot rubber and aerodynamic down-force glues it to the track. Chassis balance is near perfect, with just a touch of understeer at mid-corner.

Sharp throttle inputs will cause the back end to break loose, but recovery is only a gentle flick of the wheel away. Like all Ferraris, the is a car that demands finesse and total concentration, but rewards the effort with stunning corner speeds, and when it has to shed that speed clamps down on the optional carbon-ceramic brakes, which scrub off velocity with impressive power and feel.

The ride is very firm, but without the sharp edge of many previous Ferrari efforts. In this way it is also much like the Enzo.

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Its voluptuous curves have that organic and emotional styling unique to Italian car builders. And while the F may be only a hair under 49 inches tall, the 2-seat cabin is surprisingly roomy.

Ferrari f430 quarter mile 2002

Yes, the Ferrari F is extravagant and expensive to be sure. A car that involves head, heart and soul, it is an automotive dream come true.

List of Ferrari performance specs.​ Welcome to the most complete Ferrari & quarter mile times resource online offering a comprehensive index of Ferrari 0 to 60 car specs, including Ferrari LaFerrari, Ferrari, Ferrari, Ferrari, Ferrari, California and many more! Read a review and see pictures of the Ferrari F at Car and Driver. Ferrari has reached supercar levels of performance, maybe it's time to. However, there are several factors that affect a car's time or quarter mile stats Ferrari Modena MPH and Quarter Mile Times.