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2002 toyota camry p1349 code

2002 toyota camry p1349 code

My mech calls it plunger. Well, we got the OCV out and tested it, it worked. U test it by connecting a 12 volt battery to the terminals.

Toyota P1349 Fix

The actuator would move the valve inside. I however realised that the valve was installed the wrong way probably after checking it and servicing it last time around some months ago.

Instead of the two oil 2002 toyota camry p1349 codes facing up and four oil inlets facing down, it was the other way round and as such my camshaft was being starved of oil which led to the failure of the first camshaft. The replacement is also rattling now slightly cos of oil starvation as well.

I tried to get to the filter for the OCV.

There might be not enough room for your used stuff because a luggage or a duffle gym bag have already calculated half of the cargo space. Though to have more room for the system, the rear seats can be folded flat, creating up to L of premium. Talking about features and accessories. It has that time center console with a piano black themed center panel in a very rarely shape.

It is located behind the power steering pump. You would need to get that out of the way to loose the nut securing the filter.

The nut is a ten alien hope thats what its called nut. So u will need a ten alien key for it.

Properly built, the will get the same business without being overworked, and will be much more fun to give. Gotta let go of this beautiful machine. Very cool bike, a Suzuki SV: It runs like a neutral, and start every time. Everything about this bike would. It has 51xxx on the clock, but has been especially maintained it's while life.

The bad news is i wasn't able to get the filter out. It wouldn't come out despite the best efforts of me and the mech.

2002 toyota camry p1349 code

As a last resort, we decided to give it a good spray with a carb cleaner. To check if it was now thru and oil was flowing thru it, we disabled the efi and cranked the car a few times to see if oil will flow out from the OCV port.

It was getting rather late so i could not check the timing marks. After this fix, the P is gone but the P is back. I will be changing the camshaft and the timing chain this weekend to clear that code. If you have got the P, i suggest you have it looked at before you wreck your camshaft.

Will update after the camshaft and timing chain change. Attached is a pix of the ocv. Notice the two oil outlets on top. Mine was mistakenly reversed. The timing will be advancing and retarding beyond the design limits, so the CEL will illuminate as soon as load is applied to the engine.

A stretched timng chain will rattle, more on overrun. You'll need to replace: 02 VVT sprocket on intake camshaft. You'll need to fit a NEW rocker cover gasket not that black "gum" Nigerian mechanics seem to love.

And reseal the timing chain cover this uses a silicone seal, not a gasket. Clear fault codes, then you're good to go. I bet u r going to be getting a lot of PMs. I can get the timing chain and all other accesories where i am except the VVT cam sprocket.

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Parts dealers here don't seem to have it and are suggesting i buy a tokunbo which sounds crazy to me. Anyone here know where i can get the VVT cam sprocket in ph? Mrchanic can fix d car.

2002 toyota camry p1349 code - error code p1349: variable valve timing system malfunction bank 1

What is ur average miles per gallon now. To send me ur no or if u r on BBM ur pin. Thanks It depends on the codes ur car is throwing Ray.

U can come to ph during the holidays 20th onwards and see what can be done. I haven't driven many miles since i fixed the P yet.

Just drove the car home from the mech and its been parked since. Will keep the house updated when i fix the P Anyone know where i can get the VVT camshaft sprocket? I don't want to buy tokunbo.

Fixed p code for my camry. 1ZZFE Toyota Corolla Variable Valve Timing Solenoid and Oil Filter 9th Gen, : Panagiotis Marmaras 9 .

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