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Ferrari fxx k top gear bbc

Ferrari fxx k top gear bbc
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Jeremy Clarkson: "We said you could only take a car on that track if it's road legal. Richard Hammond: "We specify everything that goes on our board here has to be road legal.

Jeremy Clarkson: "The thing is though, this is only for cars with ashtrays and noses that you can get over the Jeremy Clarkson: "You can use it on the road because Jeremy Clarkson: "You can't buy this car so it has no place on our board.

You know the rules, James.

If a car can't get over a sleeping policeman it can't go on that board. We've always said that and look at the nose on this, I mean never mind a sleeping policeman, you'd rip that off if you ran over Gandhi. Jeremy Clarkson: "Now because this has a hydraulic lifting nose, which we can see here, it is able to get over speed bumps and that means it is a road car and that means it can go on our board.

Jeremy Clarkson: "We subsequently discovered he was doing that on slick tyres.

Now we have rules on this Power Board here, ok? You can't use slicks, so this time is coming off.

Ferrari fxx k top gear bbc

Jeremy Clarkson: "Not the Volvo obviously because this board is for production cars only. Jeremy Clarkson: "This, Richard Hammond: "Critically, I want to write on there it's wet, very wet. Jeremy Clarkson: "You know we put it around the track this morning, with the Stig driving it, OK, point-something.

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Jeremy Clarkson: "He did it in Jeremy Clarkson: "Bear in mind Stig did that on the CSLs ludicrous tyres, near slicks, in the damp, so we'll call that a wet lap. Archived from the original on 31 January Retrieved 26 January James May: "The pilot did go a bit wide in some of the corners, didn't he? But we said no no no, go for it.

Chris Harris takes the Ferrari FXX-K for a spin around the Daytona International Speedway in Florida, and with one last lap he decides it's time to use the. The Stig sets a scorching time in the new £1 million Ferarri FXX, but is it fast enough to take top spot on the power lap leader board? Subscribe for more. The fastest car in the top gear test track, only 30 were sold Enjoy!!!.

When it comes to cars like Ferrari's FXXK, this is a good thing. see here, the FXXK, the car that Manzoni quietly regards as CS's greatest achievement so far. Forget "everyday" hypercars, Chris Harris tests the powerful Ferrari FXXK in the 'Top Gear' season premiere. Watch the full episode on Sunday, March 12 at.

Top Gear Ferrari FXX