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How to build a harley trike

How to build a harley trike How to build a harley trike

Steve was our salesman, I let him know it had been 14 years since my last motorcycle he did a great job going over the motorcycle. Steve took me over to the other side of the building and helped me get comfortable with the bike. Ted Engelbart My wife picked out several clothing items, jewelry and Christmas ornaments from the Harley Davidson web site that she would like for Christmas.

How to build a harley trike

I called the manager of the clothing's sales department, Tina, who was very helpful. I came into the dealership and was greeted by Tina with a big smile on her face. I had made purchases from Tina in the past and she has always been friendly, courteous, informative and very helpful.

Tina would go way out of her way to assistance and insure that you remain a loyal Harley customer. Today was no different as Tina remains consistent in her superior customer service.

How to Build a Motorcycle Trike: how to build a harley trike

I was able to obtain every item that my wife pick out on the web site and in fact I even picked out an additional item that Tina told me about. If you are looking for any items of clothing or other Christmas related items give Tina a call or better yet stop by the dealership and look for Tina, who can help you take the anxiety out of Christmas shopping.

The dealership is fortunate to have Tina represent them as she is exceptional and truly reflects what the "Harley Family" means.

If you have any question about the item or would like to other the problems, please message us via. We will steal to your message within 1 day, Monday to Friday. We always do the best to make every customers.

Ted Engelbart There are times when you experience good service at a dealership and then a few months later you wonder what happened as the service was terrible. Well at West Bend Harley I have only received consistent 5 star service over the past 10 years.

Recently I had brought my trike in for the 30, mile service. As always I was greeted with a smile from Jeff, who is the service manager.

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This time he also wished me a "Happy Birthday". Jeff told me that upon preparing my paperwork the day before he had noticed that the day I bring my bike in for service it would be my birthday.

How many other service department managers would even care if it was a customers birthday.

Important to Remember

Kit builders were free to source and fit a variety of engines and transmissions but the Chevrolet small block V8 supplied by American Speed mated to either a Porsche or Getrag transaxle was the factory recommended standard, and this configuration was fitted to all turnkey cars.

Jeff is simply outstanding in his customer service. Now I also have to recognize Tina the clothing sales manager, Tina to is always consistent with her courteous and helpful manner. Over the years Tina has always provided me extraordinary assistance when purchasing gifts for my wife. Tina is never to busy to provide you with a friendly greeting as she sees you in the store.

Often times you hear of the Harley family, well West Bend Harley Davidson truly exemplifies what a Harley family is all about. John and Louie most certainly know how to provide the best to their customers. I have visited Harley dealerships through out the country during my 40 yrs of riding, along with memberships of HOG.

West Bend Harley Davidson stands head and shoulders above all of them.

Learn how to build a trike from ford rearend #9. Details about Custom Trike Softail Bobber Chopper Frame Rolling Chassis Roller Harley Bike Kit. Honda & Harley-Davidson kits from to current models are available. If you have the slightest mechanical ability, you can build your own TRIKE and stop.