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Moto guzzi 1200 sport side panniers

Moto guzzi 1200 sport side panniers Moto guzzi 1200 sport side panniers

Tucson, AZ or Banamichi Sonora Now it's time to install the front mount where the bag clips in and locks. The kit comes with some 6mm bolts, 2 of which are designed so the head twists off when it reaches the proper torque; this would be for security I imagine. There are also some tension washers and flat washers that go with these.

I chose to bypass the security bolts and came up with a couple of standard 6mm bolts that were the correct length in my bolt jar. The bracket fits right on the back of the passenger footpeg area.

As you can see the pin goes up with the bend for the clamp facing out.

Leave the bracket loose, install the bag making sure it clips into the bracket then tighten the bolts. Again I used a bit of loctite.

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Just in case no one tells you, to remove the bag you need to turn the key past the locked position then push the key down to release the latch; I messed around with this for 10 minutes before I figured it out. When you install the bags the little wire clip will fold down over the pin on the bracket, this is continue reading a safety in case the latch fails.

Now you need to adjust the spacing on the rear bracket.

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I'm not exactly sure of the proper method for this so I just brought it out until it touched the back of the bag. When I mounted the bracket I put it on with the bolts facing down so that it would be easy to access for this adjustment. The little rubber cap threads in and out for minor adjustments, I just put the brackets where I wanted it then put some loctite on the stud of the little rubber cap and tightened it up.

Moto guzzi 1200 sport side panniers

Here's from a little further back. And here's what it looks like all finished with the bags off. I would like it if the front brackets were a little less conspicuous but it sure beats those huge frames that the aftermarket companies use.

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Perhaps a little black paint would make them disappear? Next you just do the other side, same as this one except the exhaust bracket goes on to drop the muffler about 2".


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I ordered the muffler bracket separately only to find that it came with the bags, this worked okay as the parts from the dealer haven't come in yet so I might have some spares if anyone needs them. Keep in mind that the lock cylinders don't come with the bags; I was lucky as my Sport came with 3 extra lock cylinders but I gather that it's not that common to get them.

The bags come with some tape over the key holes to keep a small spring in there, both of my springs were stuck to the tape so make sure you see it and put it in before inserting the lock cylinders.

Breva Sport Norge Griso St >> Luggage. This section contains panniers, top boxes, luggage racks, soft luggage, spare pannier locks and badges Fits Moto Guzzi Griso, Griso, Guzzi Tank Bag Large One large central compartment and two smaller side pockets plus a map pocket in the top make.

Riding the Rolls-Royce of Motorbikes - A Moto Guzzi Sport 8V.