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Motor from car alternator

Motor from car alternator

An alternator converted to a Hybrid Brushless Motor provides a low-cost motor from car alternator to brushless motors BLDC because alternators are mass-produced way beyond the quantities of brushless motors, and they have dynamic behavior similar to brushless motors in a wide range of applications. China has effectively cornered the market on the key ingredient of brushless motors -- rare earth metals, which are used for the permanent magnets in a brushless motor BLDCso brushless motor prices keep increasing.

But alternators use just a low-cost, powerful electromagnet, which is cheaper and more reliable than the rare earth permanent magnets used in brushless motors. The electromagnet is more reliable because it is not subject to demagnetization, and it does not have the risk of flying off the rotor at high speeds like rare earth permanent magnets used in BLDC motors.

And alternators are readily available worldwide -- as close as the nearest auto parts store or junk yard.

Motor from car alternator

What is a Hybrid Brushless Motor? All power drive current to this motor is brushless: drive current passes only through the stator and does not go through any brushes.

Only a small field current passes through brushes and smooth slip rings to the rotor. This is a highly reliable design with minimal abrasion unlike commutators in conventional dc motorswhich is typically used for resolvers and synchros on aircraft, and high-reliability industrial applications.

This is called a Hybrid Brushless Motor since it has a combination of brushless power drive current and a small brushed field current. This Hybrid Brushless Motor is functionally very similar to a conventional brushless motor except that it has an adjustable field, unlike a conventional brushless motor, which has a fixed field.

This field is adjusted by applying a small dc current, typically 0. This can give better performance than a conventional brushless motor by producing full torque at BOTH low speeds and high speeds, compared to a conventional brushless motor which tends to lose torque at high speeds.

I have an old car alternator, is it possible to convert it to DC motor which will have permanent magnets on the rotor, I have seen on the Internet so that I have an old car alternator, is it possible to convert it to DC motor which will have permanent magnets on the rotor, I have seen on the Internet so that it can work in the generator mode, can and in motor mode? The stator's coil acting in bad condition, all three wires are breaking with the coil, I soldered them, can it will be able to do correctly.

An automotive alternator converted to a motor can exceed the performance of both brushed and conventional brushless motors because of the combination of its brushless drive current and adjustable field. A car alternator changed over to a motor can put out in excess of 1.

An automotive alternator converted to a motor is much less expensive than a conventional brushless motor with the same power output.

Car Alternator to Cheap Motor

In addition, a car alternator functioning as a motor has more versatile control than a conventional brushless motor, and it can have more power and torque at high speeds than a conventional brushless motor of similar size due to its adjustable field.

Our Alternator Conversion Manual, "How to Convert an Automotive Alternator to a Hybrid Brushless Motor" shows in clear step-by-step instructions with photographs how to do the conversion.

It also explains how to drive the alternator as a motor.

The Mitsubishi Peek features one engine type, a 1. The CVT jaw packed on the all trim levels promises a futuristic output across all the rev range resulting to a registered or agile driving with no lags. Mitsubishi's MIVEC wet optimizes the engines performance by intelligently timing the air flow and cams rockers motor from car alternator of the stage of the RPM to crank an efficient burn. It has a maximum power of 78 hp with Nm of clutch which isn't huge, to begin with, but is pretty expensive. Driving the vehicle, you may notice at minis that it has a slow acceleration and lagging speed.

It includes common-sense explanations of how the motor from car alternator alternator functions as a motor with clear, easy-to-read diagrams. After reading our how-to guide, you will be able to convert a car alternator into a powerful, reliable, and low-cost Hybrid Brushless Motor using low-cost, common tools, and you will understand how this new motor works and the advantages this new motor has over conventional brush and brushless motors.

Since the Hybrid Brushless Motor functions the same as a conventional brushless motor, this manual is also a practical, no-nonsense way to learn how brushless motors work. What can you use this Hybrid Brushless Motor for?

This provides a reliable and low-cost alternative to high-power brushless motors for many applications which is easily acquired and second-sourced. With over 25 years in high-tech industrial and aircraft power system development, put our know-how to work for your innovative projects.

Alternator Conversion Manual for Download

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