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1957 chevy station wagon drag car

1957 chevy station wagon drag car

It was called the "Hot One" in GM's advertising campaign.

1957 chevy station wagon drag car

Chevrolet's styling was crisp, clean and incorporated a Ferrari-inspired grille. Bel Airs came with features found on cars in the lower models ranges plus interior carpet, chrome headliner bands on hardtops, chrome spears on front fendersstainless steel window moldings, [1] and full wheel covers. Models were further distinguished by the Bel Air name script in gold lettering later in the year.

1957 chevy station wagon drag car

The first Chevrolet with a V8 engine was introduced in called the Series D which was built for two years, and was manufactured before Chevrolet joined General Motors. Motor Trend magazine gave the Bel Air top marks for handling. On the other hand, the horn ring blocked some of the speedometer, regular gasoline made the engine knock and the first V8 engines off the line burned too much oil.

We know the car is running oil, but wanted to determin how much. It's always good to crank how much oil comes out of the oil pressure because it's the first good indicator of interior engine wear. For the more anal retentive among us, you can 1957 chevy station wagon drag car off the oil into the now enpty oil coolers to get a more accurate measurement. Take a cloth and wipe the old oil off of the oil catch location on the block. After that take some of the new oil and wipe it on the ignition of the new oil filter.

The Bel Air received a face-lift with a more conventional full-width grille, pleasing those customers who didn't favor the Ferrari -inspired '55 front end. Distinctive two-tone bodyside treatments and graceful front and rear wheel openings completed the "speedline" restyling.

Single housings incorporated the taillightstoplight, and backup light, and the left one held the gas filler - an idea popularized on Cadillacs. Among the seven Bel Air models was a new Sport Sedan, a pillarless four-door hardtop that looked handsome with all the windows rolled down and allowed easy entry into the back seat.


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And since the engine on the FREERIDE R is tuned completely in keeping with the Freeride notion, not for maximum power but for harmonious torque progression and optimum rideability, this motorcycle is an 1957 chevy station wagon drag car that feels all the more at home, the tougher the terrain becomes.

Production exceeded , compared totwo-door hardtops. Only 7, were built. Seatbeltsshoulder harnesses, and a padded dashboard were available, [9] and full-size cars could even get the hot Corvette horsepower engine.

In sales material there was an optional rain-sensing automatic top, [12] which was first seen on the LaSabre concept car. However, it is believed that it was never installed on a car.

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The Bel Air is considered by many to be "an icon of its age. They are roomy, with tastefully restrained, period use tail fins and chrome. A second automatic transmissionTurboglide was optional.

While the original two-speed Powerglide continued unchanged, Turboglide provided a continuously variable gear-ratio which made "shifting" imperceptible. Prior to becoming a regular production model, the Nomad first appeared as a Corvette-based concept vehicle in Chevrolet has since unveiled two concept cars bearing the Nomad name, most recently in The — Chevrolets are commonly referred to as Tri Fives.

Crampton's wicked twin turbo Chevy Station Wagon at Hot Rod Drag Week! Rusty Chevy Wagon Makes 8 Seconds Look Easy, HOT CARS. The '57 body, complete with rust and faded painted, was dropped on to a Lurking underneath the massive supercharger is a Noonan Race. Crampton's '57 Chevy wagon got a recent power upgrade after Funny Car pilot alcohol-burning Hemi race engines into the vintage machine.

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