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2001 pontiac aztek camping package for sale

2001 pontiac aztek camping package for sale

The team behind the Aztek certainly hit the mark when asked to deliver a unique vehicle, but maybe not in the right way. Here are several reasons to avoid owning an Aztek, which ultimately led to its quick end to production in You should know better than to trust the first run of something, especially when it comes from Pontiac.

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The pressure to build something innovative that could turn heads and direct the industry may have led to the disastrous outcome of the final product. It's Ugly During its first appearance at the Detroit Auto Show, the crowds were not wooed by the exaggerated and boxy design of the Aztek. There is nothing sleek or sexy about its styling.

2001 pontiac aztek camping package for sale

In fact, the Aztek resembles an early nineties minivan with enormous wheel gap and unsightly trim. Tinkering Sucks There are a number of small annoyances that pop up when working on any car, but the Aztek seems to have them in the worst areas.

For example, the battery is situated below a bar that must be removed to replace it.

In order to take the bar off, the engine fuse box must be removed first. A second job takes several minutes.

I drove it for a couple of weeks assuming that it was the motor break-in period and gave it for service citing the stiffness in the gear stick. The clutch was reopened and fixed and the precision reduced by a considerable amount.

The Marketing Ploy The early marketing campaigns dressed the Aztek up to look like a rugged, off-road-type vehicle. Oddball Interior The interior had as much of an uncoordinated style as the body of the car.

Geared For Camping The included tent and blow up mattress package meant that drivers could get cozy in the back of their own car. A split tailgate had a pair of seats and cup holders for those tailgating or camping outings. Despite the fact that having perfectly-fitting camping gear already with your car is pretty neat, the focus of the car went entirely to being the perfect party wagon.

The centre console even doubles as a removable cooler we assume to get you through walking home after your Aztek leaves you stranded. Okay, there was a Versatek AWD option available, but the front-wheel drive option was ridiculous. When both were tested going from mph, the 2WD hit it in 8.

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Recalls For Everyone Once a GM vehicle leaves the factory, there is almost an immediate recall issued. With the Azteks, owners were having issues within the fuel delivery system, prompting large recalls.

The second base coat questions the visual characteristics of color, luster and depth effect. This way, the IPP spear meets the highest standards with regard to the look and feel as well as the maximum protection of the car body. The omission of the guaranteed filler layer entails significant benefits in resource consumption: Natural gas mileage and CO2 emissions are reduced by about 50 percent, and lateral consumption by 27 percent.

The danger involved the leaking fuel catching the vehicle on fire. Airbags and other safety features were later recalled.

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The fact alone that it was made in Mexico would not be so bad, but the overall quality is too poor to ignore. So bad was the response to the Aztek hitting the market that it never hit even half of its annual sales forecasts.

Search pre-owned Pontiac Aztek listings to find the best local I've used it for long distance trips and camping, I've hauled several. The Pontiac Aztek was released as a model following one of GM's biggest The included tent and blow up mattress package meant that drivers could get. Find new, used and salvaged cars & trucks for sale locally in Canada: Toyota, Honda, BMW Pontiac Aztek, AUTO, AWD, FULLY LOADED, ONLY KM.