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Honda africa twin rally 2020

Honda africa twin rally 2020

Since its rebirth, the versatile Africa Twin can often be spotted in a wide variety of applications, from months-long round-the-world expeditions, to Backcountry Discovery Routes, to morning freeway commutes.

Honda africa twin rally 2020; 2020 honda africa twin: the story

Whether tackling Africa's badlands in reality or just in the rider's imagination, the Africa Twin has proven to be an admirable choice for delivering "True Adventure" experiences. Forall iterations of the Africa Twin—the standard version and the Adventure Sports ES, each of which is available with either a manual transmission or automatic DCT—take big steps forward in terms of features and capability, thanks to a long list of improvements.

In addition, the two versions diverge in terms of specialization, with the standard type being honed to improve its sporting and off-road performance, while the Adventure Sports ES benefits from technology that improves comfort and confidence when tackling long distances.

Both versions pack more power and torque into a lighter overall package—in keeping with the first principals set out for the original Africa Twin. In addition, a six-axis inertial measurement unit IMU makes possible the addition of wheelie control, cornering ABS, rear-lift control, Click cornering detection and cornering lights.

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Despite sharing those improvements, each of the two Africa Twin types has a role very much its own. That original version, based on the NXR and NXR factory racers that swept the Dakar Rally between andcreated a new market, grew into the XRV in and sold over 73, units before it was discontinued in In the standard Africa Twin was joined by the more touring-focused Adventure Sports version, with improved wind protection, greater fuel capacity and longer-travel suspension.

Honda africa twin rally 2020

As was the case with the original, the modern Africa Twin has been a global hit with a wide array of adventure-riding enthusiasts, selling over 87, units worldwide. Now, is set to be a landmark model year for the Africa Twin. The standard version features a slim, lightweight look, with compact lines that befit its off-road focus.

Its minimalist, fixed windscreen is significantly shorter than in to ease front-rear bodyweight transfers during aggressive riding in rough terrain, though the amount of wind buffeting on the chest at high speeds is also reduced An accessory high screen is available. The fuel tank still holds 5.

The appearance of the Adventure Sports ES version can be described as dignified but tough, with a 6. To adapt to varying body types and riding conditions, the Adventure Sports ES version has a new screen that adjustable between five positions via a knob, and it's higher than that of the standard type mm higher in the low position, mm higher when in the high position.

Honda africa twin rally 2020

The Adventure Sports ES now has tubeless tires, and its seat has been lowered by nearly two inches compared toto match that of the standard version. Heated grips and an accessory charger are standard. Both iterations of the Africa Twin have a handlebar that is 22mm higher than the standard version, for a comfortable riding stance whether seated or standing; whereas the Adventure Sports ES version and standard version previously used different risers, both now share the same handlebar height.

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Similarly, two versions now share the same seat heights, adjustable between two positions: To allow even more adjustment, higher and lower seats are available as accessories. Ground clearance remains 9. Curb weight for the Adventure Sports ES is pounds 3 less than the previous modelwhile the standard version weighs pounds a 5 pound reduction. In both cases, DCT adds 23 pounds.

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This addition enabled improvements in the accuracy of various controls and systems, including shifting, Honda Selectable Torque Control HSTCsuspension, braking and lighting. Users can select from three screen-display arrangements and background colors, depending on personal preference.

The Africa Twin has evolved. Lighter, more powerful and bristling with cutting edge technologies, both the Africa Twin itself and its ‘Adventure Sports’. Hayalinizdeki HONDA'ya ulaşmak için HONDA DURAN Kardeşler'e bekliyoruz. BURSA ☎️ 10 75 98 08 #hondaactiva #hondaalfa #Hondapcx PagesBusinessesAutomotive, aircraft and boatVehicle dealershipMotorbike dealershipHonda Crf RallyVideos AFRİCA TWİN.

By connecting an Apple iPhone via a USB cable, riders and passengers can issue voice-control commands via a headset microphone in order to use the phone or apps like Music, Maps and social networks, as well as Apple authentication. Forthe Adventure Sports ES version also has three-stage cornering lighting for optimal illumination depending on the corner type.

Interpreting information from the IMU to determine the motorcycle's lean angle, the system provides auxiliary illumination from a pair of lights below the headlights; the greater the lean angle, the more light is spread toward the inside of the corner. Cruise control is now standard on both versions.

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Honda updates its Africa Twin series for by increasing back in July, the bodywork is refined and trimmed down for a more "rally" look. For, Honda has announced a new CRFL Africa Twin and DNA with Honda's Dakar competition bike, the CRFR Rally, with a. Honda's globetrotting Africa Twin line has always represented a lot of bike for your buck, but the factory buffed that reputation ahead of MY Browse Honda Motorcycles with Pics, Prices and Specs. Find Your Next Bike Now!

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