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Safest luxury hybrid cars

Safest luxury hybrid cars

Are hybrids the forgotten low emissions car?

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Rightfully, electric vehicles EVs have been positioned as the ideal way to reduce tailpipe emissions from our cars. But so far, their cost has proven a major barrier to them being taken up on a large scale — at least in Australia.

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While many consumers wait for EV prices to come down, there is one type of low emissions car that offers more choice at a lower cost while generating zero range anxiety: hybrids.

Over the past 20 years, hybrid vehicles have quietly and steadily moved into market segments ranging from tiny city cars through to large seven-seater SUVs and luxury sports cars.

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A range of hybrid SUVs are now available, as are plug-in hybrids you can recharge to go further on electricity alone. Here are some hybrids that are frugal, mostly affordable and available right now.

Sure, electric cars are coming. But these hybrids could help you save some fuel and some money in the meantime.

Safest luxury hybrid cars

It has the utility of an SUV combined with the capability to drive it almost exclusively as an EV — providing you charge it regularly. The other two are a full electric version and a plug-in hybrid which you can charge and then drive for short distances on electric power only. It uses a high-tech hybrid drive system to move a roomy and practical seven-seat wagon, and it performs well but uses much less fuel than the V6 non-hybrid version.

That said, in the regulation test, the Pathfinder Hybrid still uses more fuel than the Mazda CX-9, which has a 2.

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The Lexus ESh is big, comfortable and luxurious but also amazingly miserly with its fuel consumption at 5. Still, even though large sedans are out of fashion right now, this is a compelling argument to buck the trend.

However, that does buy you more than just an advanced plug-in hybrid drive system. It also gets you a luxuriously appointed SUV with an exquisitely sculpted interior that includes a crystal glass gear lever.

They will soon be joined by hybrid supercars from Lamborghini and Ferrari. Porsche currently has some hybrids in its line-up, but not in the iconic model range…yet.

Safest luxury hybrid cars

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