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W212 rear brake pad replacement kit

W212 rear brake pad replacement kit

Jack up the car and remove the rear wheels.

Remove the metal clip using a flat head screwdriver. Push the bracket towards the front of the car to remove it. Locate the two bolts that secure the caliper on the bracket. There are two small caps that need to be removed to see the bolts.

Once you remove the bolts you will notice the caliper bolts.

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To reinstall the wheel, hold it on the studs, put the wheel nuts on the studs and tighten them finger w212 rear brake pad replacement kit.

These are either T40 or T45 bolts. Unplug the brake pad wear sensor. Remove the caliper from the bracket.

Push the piston into the brake caliper using a brake pad spreader. If you don't have a brake spreader, use a flat head screwdriver to push the piston in as shown in the picture below.

Removing the brake reservoir cap under the engine bay will make it easier to push the piston back into the caliper. If your Mercedes-Benz has electronic parking brakes, you will need to put the rear brakes in the service position. You do this using the buttons on your steering wheel. If you are changing the rotors, remove the two 18 mm bolts that secure the bracket to the rear wheel assembly.

Release the rear parking brake. Once you remove the screw you can remove the rotor.

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Use a rubber mallet to push the old rotor out. Make sure the vehicle is secure and will not roll. Install the new Mercedes rear disk. Install the bracket and torque the 18mm bolts to specification. You can reuse old wear sensor if the sensor wires are not exposed.

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If the brake pad wear sensor wires are exposed or you had a warning on your instrument cluster stating "Brake pad wear", you will need a new sensor. Install new Mercedes rear brake pads.

Rember to apply anti-squeal grease to the back of the brake pads and at the area where the brake pads slide on the bracket. Apply grease to the guide pins.

Slide the caliper on the bracket. Tighten the guide pins to specification. Typical torque range is between 30 and 55 Nm and varies between models.

Call your dealer to get the recommended torque specifications for your Mercedes-Benz. Connect the brake pad wear sensor. Install the tire and torque the lug nuts. If you disconnected SBC pump, reconnect it at this time.

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Start your car and press the brake pedal a few times until the pedal becomes hard to press. Check the brake fluid and take your Mercedes-Benz for a test drive.

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Brakes defective warning will show up on the instrument cluster, but it will turn off once the ABS pump is connected. Be extremely careful when working on the brakes. If SBC pump is activated when the caliper is removed, it will press the piston and brake pads possibly causing injuries.

W212 rear brake pad replacement kit

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